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A great leadership at the helm encourages the company to deliver much much more than expected. These are the minds behind the phenomenon.

chairman's Message

A Company stands tall on the shoulders of everyone it is associated with, from its employees to its investors and even partners. Shree Sai Baba Infra Project is built with a vision of redefining lives of the people providing them with a totally new experience of buildings, from commercial to residential.

Quality, we believe today is a Clichéd phrase, and has no relevance as an independent expression! Quality only makes sense, when it is being 'delivered' at the right time, place with all the variable parameters intact with the client finally benchmarking it with a 'wow'! It has been our vision, to be the best, at what we do and, have surely lived up to the expectations of many a client in the past. We strongly feel the client is doing injustice to himself and us if his expectation is just about 'ok'! We want every one of our clients to demand more thus helping us push ourselves even more!

SSB works on the principles of the great saint Shree Sai, keeping in mind the value of nature and quality of service to be provided from our side. We intend to uphold our policy of maintaining the fulfilment of our client's dreams as our priority. We believe in exceptional service, not only to our customers but to everyone getting associated with SSB Infra. The name itself conveys a message for everyone as it holds the very essence and epitome of nobility and care, Shree Sai Baba.

With a firm hope that our values of trust and transparency will go a long way in providing the people of eastern India affordable and comfortable homes, I invite you to be a part of this revolution.




With an experience of five years from the transport industry and several as a consultant in the Real Estate business, Mr. Pankaj continues to inspire the team of SSB with his vigour and professional aptitude.


Jitendra Kumar Singh

After a successful corporate career at Chaddha Group of Companies in Chandigarh, Jitendra started his own Petroleum business in 2012 and eventually made his professionalism and charisma shine in the Real Estate industry with SSB Infra Projects.Director in 2013 of sun shine and Mangalam English School in 2014


Satish Kumar Singh

Satish brims of corporate culture and passion in work. He boasts of tight involvement with several players of the Real Estate business for a whopping 15 years as a crucial consultant on critical projects of Real Estate. 


Balwant Singh

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